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We supply a lot of produce to eateries specialising in Asian and Chinese cuisine. In this section you can find some of the more popular products.
Don't forget if you can't see what you need here, you can use the dropdown menu options by hovering over the navigation or our search system at the top right of the screen or call us on 0121 622 4611.


Beansprouts (8 x 100gr)

Beansprouts are available in packs of 6 bags


Chillies (various) x3kg

Fiery Chillies, available in red or green varieties. Chillies are a fantastic ingredient to so many meals, whether its a Chilli Con Carne, Piri Piri Chicken or Chilli Chocolate, the uses are endless! Available in 3kg packs. Please specify the number of 3kg packs you require below.


Clementines (with leaf) x 80 pieces

Fresh Clementines (with leaf) from George Perry available in 10kg boxes. Clementines are bursting with juice, full of vitamin C and delicious. Please specify below how many boxes you require.


Out of stock

Cooking Onions (x20kg bags)

Fresh and versatile Cooking Onions. Available in 20kg packs. Please specify how many 20kg packs you require below.


Coriander (2kg)

Coriander is simply a taste of the exotic. An aromatic flavouring to zest up any dish. Sold in 5kg boxes. Please specify how many 5kg boxes you require below.


Cucumbers (16 pieces)

Fresh Cucumbers available in packs of 16. Please specify how many packs of 16 you need below.


Garlic (7kg)

Cloves of Garlic available in 7kg packs


Green Peppers (5kg)

Versatile and fresh Green Peppers available in 5kg packs


Iceberg Lettuce (12 pieces)

Fresh and crisp Iceberg Lettuce. Available in packs of 12


Lemons (80 pieces)

Sharp and zesty Lemons are a perfect accompaniment for a piece of fish or dropped in a refreshing drink. Sold in 15kg boxes. (count per box is approximately 90 fruits) Please specify the number of boxes you require below.


Parsley (3kg)

Fresh Parsley available as flat leaf . Parsley compliments any dish dish or any sauce, subtle but tasty. Sold in 3kg boxes. Please specify how many 3kg boxes you require below.


Pineapple (8 pieces)

Fresh and delicious Pineapple, in 14kg containers