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George Perry stock a wide variety of Fruits, which are all available, when in season on a daily basis. Whether it's Citrus fruits, Apples, Pears, Melons and Grapes. We can also source any specific produce you may require.

Don't forget if you can't see what you need here, you can use the dropdown menu options by hovering over the navigation or our search system at the top right of the screen or call us on 0121 622 4611


Dates (Ravier) 25 x 200gr

Succulent and sweet dates from ravier. These are available in packs of 25 at 200grams per pack. Please specify how many 25 packs you require below.


Figs (20 packets- dried)

Dried Figs available in packs of 20.


Fuji Apples (Chinese)

Delicious Fuji Apples. These apples are delicately scented and available in 3kg boxes. Please specify below how many boxes you require.


Out of stock

Galia Melon (6 pieces)

Fresh and sweet Galia Melons available by Count 6's


Out of stock

Golden Delicious Apples (74 pieces)

Golden Delicious Apples are an old favourite, sweet and juicy. They are available in 12kg boxes. Please specify how many boxes you require below.


Granny Smith Apples (74 pieces)

Delicious Granny Smith Apples. They have a crunchy and sharp taste. Sold in 12kg boxes. Please specify how many boxes you require below.


Green/White seedless grapes (loose) x4.5kg

Seedless green grapes fresh from the vineyard. These are in 4.5kg boxes. Please specify how many boxes you require.


Honeydew/yellow melons (7 pieces)

Fresh and sweet Honeydew Melons available by count 7


Kiwi Fruit (30 pieces)

Delicious Kiwi Fruit with Ct 27-33 x 4kg


Lemons (80 pieces)

Sharp and zesty Lemons are a perfect accompaniment for a piece of fish or dropped in a refreshing drink. Sold in 15kg boxes. (count per box is approximately 90 fruits) Please specify the number of boxes you require below.


Limes (48 pieces)

Delicious Limes are a taste of the tropics. In food or drinks, they always give that subtle and beautiful taste. Sold in 6kg boxes (count per box is around 50 fruits). Please specify how many boxes you require below.


Nectarines (10x1kg pre pack)

Fresh Nectarines available in 10x1kg pre packed