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George Perry stock a wide variety of Fruits, which are all available, when in season on a daily basis. Whether it's Citrus fruits, Apples, Pears, Melons and Grapes. We can also source any specific produce you may require.

Don't forget if you can't see what you need here, you can use the dropdown menu options by hovering over the navigation or our search system at the top right of the screen or call us on 0121 622 4611


Nectarines (24 pieces)

Fresh Nectarines available in containers with 24 fruits


Out of stock

Oranges (42 thru to 90 pieces)

Oranges, large or small, ideal for juicing or just enjoying. Sold in 15kg boxes (count per box is between 42-100 - large being 42 and juicing is 100) Please specify the number of boxes below.


Passion Fruit (aprox 20 pieces)

Passion Fruit is the native fruit of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. This delicious exotic fruit has a huge range of uses including cocktails, cooking, baking, sauces, compotes and much more. available in 3kg packs. Please specify how many 3kg boxes you require below.


Peaches (10x1kg pre pack)

Delicious Peaches available in 10x1kg pre pack


Peaches (24 pieces)

Delicious Peaches available in 4kg trays


Out of stock

Piel De Sapo Melon (frog melon) x4 pieces

Arguably the sweetest melons of them all Piel De Sapo (meaning 'Skin of Frog') Melons. available in packs of 4. Please specify below how many packs of 6 you require.


Pineapple (8 pieces)

Fresh and delicious Pineapple, in 14kg containers


Pink Grapefruit (40 pieces)

Fresh Grapefruit. Available in Pink or White. The sharp tangy taste is perfect to wake you in the morning. Sold in 15kg boxes (count per box is around 40) Please specify how many boxes you need below.


Pink Lady Apples (74 pieces)

Pink Lady Apples are a new favourite, slightly perfumed and deliciously juicy becoming more and more popular. Sold in 12kg boxes. Please specify below how many boxes you require.


Plums (5kg)

Fresh Plums available in 5kg containers


Pomegranites x9kg

Fresh and tasty Pomegranites available in various sizes.


Out of stock


Fresh and delicious Pumpkins available in various sizes.

Call for Prices

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