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George Perry stock a wide variety of fresh Vegetables, which are all available, when in season on a daily basis. We sell by the box usually, meaning we can manage most wholesale orders. Whether it's Asparagus, Broad Beans, Potatoes, Onions or Courgettes, we can supply them all. We can also supply bespoke produce. If you have any specific requirements, please contact our team who will be happy to help.

Don't forget if you can't see what you need here, you can use the dropdown menu options by hovering over the navigation or our search system at the top right of the screen or call us on 0121 622 4611.


Savoy Cabbage (8 pieces)

Fresh Savoy Cabbage. Available in packs of 8. Please specify how many packs of 8 you require.


Shallots (4kg bag)

Fresh Shallots. Available in 4kg packs. Please specify how many 4kg packs you require below.


Spanish Onions (x18kg)

Fresh and delicious Spanish Onions. Available in 18kg packs. Please specify below how many 18kg packs you require.


Spinach (3KG)

Fresh and flavoursome Spinach and full of Iron. Available in 5kg packs. Please specify the amount of 5kg packs you require below.


Spring / Hispi Cabbages (x12 pieces)

Fresh and delicious Spring / Hispi Cabbages. Available in packs of 12. Please select the number of 12 packs you require below.


Swedes (12 pieces)

Fresh and sweet Swedes. Available in 12kg packs. Please specify below how many 12kg packs you require below.


Sweet Potatoes (x5kg)

Fresh and tasty Sweet Potatoes. Available in 5kg packs. Please select how many 5kg packs you require below.



Sweetcorn/corn on the cob-a treat at anytime. Sold in boxes of 28. Please select how many boxes you require below.


Out of stock

Turnips (10kg)

Fresh and sweet Turnips. Available in 10kg packs. Please specify how many 10kg packs you require below.


Washed Mid Potatoes (x10kg)

Delicious Washed Mid Potatoes available in 10kg packs


White Cabbage (10kg nets)

Fresh and delicious White Cabbage available in 10kg boxes. Please specify quantity of 10kg boxes required below.


White Potatoes (x25kg bag)

Versatile and delicious White Potatoes available in 25kg boxes.